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Welcome to the Chicago Blade Runners!

The Chicago Blade Runners was founded in 2007 by David Rotter, CPO / LPO, to give his patients an outlet to run with other amputees. It started as a modest group that would meet once a month to run together and enjoy the company of other amputee runners. Each year, the Blade Runners has increased in size, and we currently have over 30 Blade Runners on our roster. We have grown from practicing around a track to running in multiple 5K’s throughout the summer. The Chicago Blade Runners has made a name for itself among the Chicago running community and many of our runners have gone on to compete in longer running races and other athletic endeavors.

Our group is made up of amputees of all levels who were either born without a limb or have lost limbs due to trauma, disease or military service. We also have athletes with spinal cord injuries that compete in racing wheelchairs.


– Our fastest Blade Runner is a bilateral below the knee amputee that boasts a 5K time of 18:56!
– A running leg can cost up to $20,000, as much as a new car!
– We have two Paralympians who run as part of the Blade Runners and multiple runners that compete at the national and world level in the sport of Paratriathlon.
– It takes an above the knee amputee 60% more energy to run a mile than the average able bodied runner.