We are always looking to expand.  Whether you are an amputee, guide runner, or general volunteer – we would love you on our team. Contact us today!


If you are an amputee please contact us on how you can get involved. We would love to have you join us at our next 5K and meet our group. All levels are amputees are welcome and you can get to the finish line any way you want. Walk, run, crutch or wheel. We are here to assist you however you need!

General Volunteers

At each race we have a set area that we all meet at before the race. It is here that the runners will put on their running legs and leave their walking legs while they run the race. Volunteers are needed to watch the tent while we run, to sell merchandise, to be Blade Runner ambassadors and spread the word on what these runners can do.


We have a guide runner with each athlete. This is mainly for safety reasons as the races can be crowded and it can be difficult for a runner to navigate the crowds on their own. Guides keep the runners company and carry anything they need, whether it’s a towel, crutches, extra socks or water. Many of our athletes ran their first 5K with the Blade Runners and the guides will motivate these runners to the finish and be there when they cross their first finish line! We are always looking to add to our list of available guides as many of our amputee runners depend on your assistance on race day. Duties will vary based on which one of our runners you ae matched up with. As a bonus, most races we are able to register the guides for free!! (Although we can’t guarantee that the race will provide swag to the guide)